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Your Travel Agency JAWA TOUR has its head office in Gogolin in the southern region of Silesia. It was founded in the year 1993 and organizes journeys and pilgrimages all over Europe for company clients. We possess all documents and hedgings needed by the polish as well as by standardized european law. Furthermore we organize journeys and pilgrimages in Poland and look after tourist groups that come to Poland. What we  offer as well are flight tickets.
Especially for our foreign clients we offer a lot of journeys in our country, particulary in Silesia. We can assure you of an  organisation on a high level, starting with the bus, travel insurance, an interesting program of stay, tourist attraction and sight seeing, high standard hotels and meals, competent guides and translators. We have also the possibility of organising some typical silesian events like campfires, banquets, carriage rides, meetings with residents, festivals, typical performances and celebration. We also cooperate with all hotels in this region and as well with many ones in the rest of Poland.
We have a lot of experience with these types of groups. We are not only able to offer them attractions like the Mountain of St. Anne, the sanctaury of St. Jacek, the palace and health resort in Kamień Śl., palaces in Rogów Op. or Moszna and of course our Karolinka monument in Gogolin but visiting cities like Wrocław, Brzeg, Opole, Częstochowa, Cracovia, Wieliczka, Warsaw, Zakopane or trips to the region of Mazury ,  the coast of the Baltic sea, and many more. If you need any help with reservation of the hotels or just in case of needing information do not hesitate to contact us.
Besides we offer trips to untypical parts of Eastern Europe like Ukraine, Rusia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic or Hungary. The region around Gogolin as well offers a lot of interesting places which are worth seeing and for many may have a kind of a sentimental touch. Another thing we organize  are stays in health resorts and SPA's in Poland as well as in Slovakia, huntng trips, meetings, church services or for example skiing trips.
Our agency also sells bustickets to nerly all european countries, Great Britain of course is one oif them. Furthermore we sell flight tickets, package holiday or city tours of many known providers like  Itaka or Almatur
Please do not hesitate to contact us and eventually tell us what you are interested in to give you information as precise as possible. You should tell us the date you would like to go on a trip and if possible the number of people who want to join. We are able to organize nerly everything you wish for, including cruises and transport by ferry.
Below you can see some of our offers we have calculated for round 45 people.

Phone: +48 77 4669 069
Fax:      +48 77 4669 070
Mobile:  +48 692 572 127


tel: 602 503 028   

PIELGRZYMKA DO GRECJI „Śladami św. Pawła” (17-27.05.2023r.)


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47-320 Gogolin, ul. Strzelecka 2
tel.: 77 466 90 69
fax: 77 466 90 70

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